Lucas Fonseca

Assistant Professor on Assistive Robotics
University of Nottingham - School of Computer Science


Hi, I'm Lucas. I'm interested in how humans move, and how to use that knowledge to help people with motor disabilities. I am currently a member of the CHART research group in the University of Nottingham. 

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Short Bio

I have a background in Control and Automation Engineering, aka mechatronics. During my undergrad and right after, I was very active in the industry. I have worked with commercial automation and in the food's industry. 

Over time, my passion for research and assistive technologies grew, and I pursued a path in academia. I got my MsC and PhD in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Brasília, in Brazil, and then spend some time in Inria, in the team CAMIN. 

Now I am an Assistant Professor on Assistive Robotics at the University of Nottingham. Here, my team and I are pushing the boundaries of assistive technology research to improve people health and quality of life.